Saturday, January 26, 2013

Kawaii For Less

  I grew up spending my days watching anime,listening to j-pop (japanesse pop song). I could say I’m a bit of a geek, he!he! but what I love about anime is their cuteness which I think applies most of the time on my style. Most of us wanna look cute and girly;but,not all of us can buy branded clothes. The quality and fabric is good;but, admit it guys most of these clothes are really expensive.Here, I’m wearing a $5 dress that my mom bought from one of the local stores in the city. If, you’re gonna ask about the booties, it’s just $4. Overall, I only spent $9 for this whole outfit.

(Thanks to my friend Randy Encinas who took all of these photos for me)


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    1. Sorry for the super late reply, I was so busy last year that I was not able to update this blog anymore. It's nice to know that someone appreciates my blog, Thankis for supporting me and my blog :)