Tuesday, December 11, 2012


   Here comes the "ber" months. That means more parties to come (watch out for the carbs ,he!he!) but I'm more looking forward on what to wear on each party that I'll be attending.
   Our company's x-mas party theme this year is about clubbing.When I first heard about it,the term " sparkly" comes to my mind. It's should be fun,young,and glittery. Honestly,at times like this it's hard to buy clothes at your favorite stores cause I'm afraid that someone might wear the same clothes that I'm wearing on that same day. For me, that's a big fashion disaster. 

    So, instead of buying I designed a simple mini dress and asked our favorite dress maker to make it for me. What I love about this dress is that it's very noticeable especially if you want to stand (who doesn't want,right?). I feel like I'm always on my cute comfort zone that's why I prefer a sexy outfit just for a change. 

Sorry for the blurred pics guys, don't know what happened too :( 

     If you'll look closer, you will notice that the dress is a bit see-thru. Yes, it doesn't have a lining so choosing a perfect underwear is a must. The venue is a bit cold,so, I wore my favorite black blazer. It's a short sleeve fury blazer. To add more edge on my look, I paired it with this low cut booty shoes from  PARISIAN. I love this shoes but the heels really kills me,so guys, if you're not really comfortable wearing very high heels opt for 2-3 inches only.

                   I'm so excited for the up coming parties that we'll be attending. ^_^  I wanted to share the happiness and fun i experience that night so below our some of our crazy pics at the party.

  • The Venue and program (SMX Convention Center)

  • Our Host for that night. 

The very handsome Luis Manzano and the very pretty,not to mention sexy Jinri Park. Credits to my officemate Ced for this photos. Can't go near the stage cause there are lots of people already.

  • Photos with my friends and officemates

Meet my officemates :)

The party ended with great remix and music from DJ Callum

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