Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dream K-POP Fantasy Concert 2

 After the successful k-pop concert last year with girls generation,infinite,exo and among other popular k-pop artist.Here comes again another wave of exciting and thrilling concert that many of you k-pop fans awaited for.

What: Dream K-POP Fantasy Concert 2
When: February 2,2014
Where: Smart Araneta Coliseum, Quezon City

>SVIP (Patron Standing) - P12,600
>VIP Diamond (Patron Seated) - P12,600
>VIP Platinum (Lower Box VIP) - P11,025
>Platinum (Lower Box Regular) - P9,975
>VIP Gold (Upper Box A VIP) - P6,300
>Gold (Upper Box A Regular) - P5,250
>VIP Silver (Upper Box B VIP) - P4,200
>Silver (Upper Box B Regular) - P3,150
>Gen Ad (Gen Admission) - P1,575



Super Junior was probably one of the biggest and strongest male group of all time. Composed of multitalented members who can sing,act and dance, these men is the perfect definition of the word "Idol".They really became popular all over the world because of their song "Sorry Sorry" which was a huge hit. Many people across globe even made different versions of it. Check out their popular mv. 


This group is actually one of my favorite male group so far. Most of the scenes of there recent music video "One Shot" was actually shoot in the Philippines. You can even notice the Manila Bay and Jeepneys.Here is the video for those of you who are not familiar with the song.



I don't about you guys,but I love the weird and crazy style of this group.There craziness shows on their songs which attract many audience.Let me share with you one of there best hit that I'm sure will make you LSS (last song syndrome)


    To be honest, I'm not really familiar with this group. What I know is that they're previously known as DSP Boyz but later on their group name was changed to A-Jax .I did a small research about their hit songs and I found out one which I think will make you dance. The rhythm and beat is super cool.


 This group was formerlly known as TAKEN.The group has cut down from 6 members to 5 and member changes. Some of the members left the group but was sooner replace by two new members. The group also changed labels to New Planet Entertainment. After all the changes, they decided to changed their group name as well which we now all known as "A-Prince".

> More groups to be announced soon.

Super excited to see these wonderful,multitalented men on this coming february.So, don't forget to bring your digicams,DSLR,posters or banners. ^_^ See you there at the concert.

Tickets will be available soon at Ticketnet outlets and at www.ticketnet.com.ph.
Call 911-5555 for ticket inquiries.

Disclaimer: The pictures,videos and some information are not originally from me. I'd like to give credits and special thanks to: 


for sharing us informations about the concert.

Monday, September 9, 2013

My Pencil and My Imagination

    So this is what I usually does during my free time or whenever i'm bored. I just grab my favorite pen or pencil and just drew anything under the sun. Most of the time though I end up drawing any female character, I think I really am a feminist.

I love to drew characters that shows emotions or anything that seems nostalgic or sad (dunno why either). I just find it interesting to capture those lonely moments or sad feelings of a person. 

I started drawing since I was 5 years old. One of my playmates who's older than me is really good in sketching anime,she used to draw "Sailormoon" (It's a popular anime during those times). I always watched her and was really amazed on how she created something that is really pleasant in the eyes with a help of a paper and pencil. Since then, I learned how to appreciate art and started drawing anime characters too...not as good as her that time but I practice a lot (practice makes perfect as what they say). For all of you who is willing to learn drawing,sketching or painting...just practice and you'll also be good at it.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Blue Moon (2013 CNBlue World Tour)

I think not all of us are familiar to this 4-membered band. Well, let me just give you a background. The band name 'CNBlue' means "Code Name" (abbreviation for CN) and the word 'Blue' is referring to the individual characteristics of each member.

> 'B' means 'burning' which represents Lee Jong-Hyun (Lead Guitarist, Vocalist). He had his 1st small screen debut on the drama  A Gentleman's Dignity .


> 'L' is for 'lovely' which refers to Kang Min-Hyuk (Drummer, Backing Vocalist). This talented person who has great acting skills was already seen on T.V series such as 'It's Okay, Daddy's Girl'Heartstrings and  'My Husband Got a Family'. 

> On the other hand 'U' means 'untouchable' perfect representation for Lee Jung Shin (Bassist, Rapper, Backing Vocalist) . He was a runaway model before he debut as a member of the band. He had his 1st cameo role on My Husband Got a Family and I'm sure you were all captivated by him as the bad-boy boyfriend on 4-minute's 'Heart to Heart' MV.

> and for the letter 'E' it is referring to 'emotional' that represents the personality of Jung Yong-Hwa (Leader, Main Vocalist, Main Rapper, Rhythm Guitarist). I'm sure you all know him as the calm A.N.Jell member named Kang Shin-woo on the T.V series "You're Beautiful" . That series inspired him to form a bandThen, two years after that he got the main male lead role on the drama "heartstrings". We've all seen him on the popular T.V Show 'We got married' wherein she was paired with Girl's Generation's Seohyun.  

To all k-pop fanatic or to those who are very much into band this is the perfect time for you to see and hear them perform live on this coming 15th of June at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.  Great music and good looking guys, I'm sure you'll be very much entertained. 

Ticket Prices:
7500 – VIP Patron
6500 – Patron Regular
5500 – Lower Box
4500 - Upper Box A Premium (first 5 rows)
3500 – Upper Box A
1500 – Upper Box B

Tickets will be available starting April 28, 2013 at http://ticketnet.com.ph or call 911 5555

Also, don't forget to check out their new hit single " Blind Love" this is so far my favorite song out of all the songs they made. To me the song is very Asian.

The Photos on this post are not from me. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bohemian Chic

What I wear on a certain day depends on my mood. I just felt that I wanted to try something bohemian especially most of the time I wear cute or romantic dresses. So I gave it a shot and here's the outcome. I could say that it's one of my favorite outfit cause aside from it's bohemian side it makes me feel like a goddess as well. 

To be honest two of my favorite bloggers inspired me to wear this beautiful floral maxi dress. Before, I though that only super tall girls will look good wearing long dresses or maxi skirt; but, Michelle Phan and Kyrz Uy proved them wrong. They showed us that petite girls can also rock dresses such as this. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

All About Patterns

I don't know what's with patterns but I just notice myself getting so hooked to anything with patterns. I think it's pretty obvious with my bag and dress huh?! he,he, anyways..I wore this outfit on one of our girl's day out. Honestly, While wearing this cute dress with my booty I feel like "a baby girl trying to be tough". Just a quick tip: Short dresses are best for petite girls cause they'll make your legs look longer.

Ha!ha!ha! Caught me with my bottled kalamansi juice, I was a bit sick that time;so,really need those vitamin c's... :)

Me and my friend KiM 

Gray Cardigan #Roxy; Mini patterned dress #SM Department Store; Brown Booty #local store

Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Christmas Present

 I love anything that is cute and with a touch of my girly side just like this pretty red skirt. Whenever I wear this cute baby doll like skirt it reminds me of Christmas present. The ribbon makes it more like a gift waiting to be unwrapped,ha!ha!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Kawaii For Less

  I grew up spending my days watching anime,listening to j-pop (japanesse pop song). I could say I’m a bit of a geek, he!he! but what I love about anime is their cuteness which I think applies most of the time on my fashion style. Most of us wanna look cute and girly;but,not all of us can buy branded clothes. The quality and fabric is good;but, admit it guys most of those clothes are really expensive.Here, I’m wearing a $5 dress that my mom bought from one of the local stores in the city. The fabric is soft as easy breezy. The lace on it’s collar add cuteness to this pretty floral dress. If, you’re gonna ask about the booties, it’s just $4. Overall, I only spent $9 for this whole outfit.See, there are lots of good clothes out there that are not that expensive.

(Thanks to my friend Randy Encinas who took all of these photos for me)
All you need is a lot of patience and keen eyes to spot that nice dress,blouse or shoes and not to mention a lot of confidence. You can look KAWAII (CUTE) without spending that much.Remember guys, you wear the dress and the dress is not the one wearing you. Is it confusing?! he,he! I just wanna say no matter what clothes you wear, you have to wear it with confidence and just think of yourself as a model selling those clothes. Good luck in mix matching clothes. :)

Hope you like this cute dress as much as I do and if you do love it please click the link below and like "INSPIRED MAGAZINE" and after that don't forget to like my photo :)