My Pencil and My Imagination

  So this is what I usually does during my free time or whenever i'm bored. I just grab my favorite pen or pencil and just drew anything under the sun. Most of the time though I end up drawing any female character, I think I really am a feminist.

I love to drew characters that shows emotions or anything that seems nostalgic or sad (dunno why either). I just find it interesting to capture those lonely moments or sad feelings of a person. 

I started drawing since I was 5 years old. One of my playmates who's older than me is really good in sketching anime,she used to draw "Sailormoon" (It's a popular anime during those times). I always watched her and was really amazed on how she created something that is really pleasant in the eyes with a help of a paper and pencil. Since then, I learned how to appreciate art and started drawing anime characters too...not as good as her that time but I practice a lot (practice makes perfect as what they say). For all of you who is willing to learn drawing,sketching or painting...just practice and you'll also be good at it.

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