Saturday, October 8, 2016

That Thing Called Tadhana (Baguio Experience)

   It was my 1st time visiting Baguio; so, I really expect a lot. I heard from my friends that it's super cold and the view and scenery feels like your in a different country. I was so excited to go there with my family. We'll let's see how it goes.

 What I probably love about Baguio when we visited there was the weather cause during the day it's not too cold and not warm...The weather is just right.  So, we stayed at Chalet Baguio Hotel. I highly recommend the place cause it's a walking distance from the bus terminal and near SM Baguio. The food during breakfast buffet is also delicious.

Since we only have 3 days and two nights to stay here,we tried to visit all the tourist spots that we can. Luckily, the hotel where we stayed offer a day tour for 2kphp for 8hrs.

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